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Grid Warrior

Grid Warrior

Welcome to Grid Warrior, the first instalment of an epic trilogy that will excite and enthral you.

It is the year 2031 and computing is at a stage where players use reality suits in order to physically enter the gaming world. Paul Wilson, and his brother Simon are Research Professors at Portsmouth University and gaming is not just their job but their life. Their lives have been dedicated to creating this technology but when a transition between the real world and the gaming world for Paul goes disastrously wrong their lives are changed forever and a desperate fight for survival begins.

Join them on this exciting roller coaster ride of nonstop action as they desperately fight for survival in both worlds.

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Grid Wars

Grid Wars

It is the year 2061 and Grid World is now a thriving world with over two hundred thousand people. Paul Wilson was the first visitor to this digital paradise and he has now lived there for thirty years.

With the help of those that had followed him Paul has now created a beautiful paradise world with no crime, disease or famine. Everyone does their part for the good of Grid World and everyone is treated on equal terms no matter their gender, colour or sexual preference.

Sadly life is very different back in what is termed ‘the real world’. Continual global wars, devastation and starvation has now ravaged the population and those few that survive and now nothing more than slaves working for Supreme Commander Chang and his murderous armies.

Chang meanwhile is very aware of the existence of Grid World and when he gains total global dominance he begins to cast his envious attention towards the digital utopia that exists below his feet. If he is unable to conquer Grid World then he will destroy it and everyone that is living there.

Can Grid World survive against an army that has over one million drug crazed soldiers and a genocidal leader? Will they fall the way of the nations on the planet’s surface or will Paul lead them to victory.

Who, if any, will survive?

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Grid World

Grid Wars

It is the year 2091 and Grid World is now suffering its greatest challenge. Planet Earth is under attack and the threat could ultimately result in the destruction of the once thriving digital world and

the planet itself. Marc Wilson has a matter of weeks to save the surviving humans on the planet’s surface and within Grid World. The odds are stacked against him and his allies so can they prevail or his

humanity finally doomed?This is part three of The Grid Warrior series. Grid World is now a peaceful and stable community buried deep within the planets electronic pathways. Marc’s father had created this

beautiful paradise world for the future of humanity and later died to save it. Every inhabitant does their part for the good of Grid World and everyone is treated on equal terms no matter their gender,

colour or sexual preference. Sadly life is very different back in what is termed ‘the real world’. Continual global wars, devastation and starvation has now ravaged the population and those few that survive

and now nothing more than slaves working for the now two remaining warlords who are fighting for complete control of the planet’s surface and the Grid World. Who, if any, will survive?

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Cosmos End

Cosmos End

Cosmos End is a story that begins on Earth in the year 2024 and concludes at the very end of the universe. Robert Moth was born with a special gift, or was it a curse? As his abilities become noticed Robert

becomes a target for the rich and powerful who also desire his ‘gift’ and they do not care who they have to destroy in order to obtain it.

Robert survives these unwanted attentions and then leads humanity through the eons towards Cosmos End and their final destiny. It is not always an easy journey and at times the entire race are faced with total destruction and extinction.

Hindered by the destruction of life on planet Earth humanity is forced to learn fast and adapt to a very uncertain future. The struggle begins and eventually the eons begin to pass.

Haunted by the eventual loss of his first newborn son Robert must somehow hold the entire human race together as the rest of the universe begins to age and slowly die. The journey is long as billions of years pass and at times it is difficult, but can they make it? Can humanity see the challenge through to the very end?

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Pompey Geezer - Buckland Gap 1

Pompey Geezer

With shades of Clockwork Orange and Trainspotting, new author Charlie Wiltshire gives an unflinching, and often times disturbing, account of life on one of England’s most difficult estates. From the details of ‘pulling gear’ to the politics of cancer, Buckland Gap asks if society can ever be saved. Even from itself.

A can of lager, a cigarette and a well-placed scratch. Thus begins David’s day. Being a hard geezer on the Buckland estate ain’t easy, but David has the crown. He’s got the girls, sprogs, flash car and the meanest headbutt in Portsmouth. His days are filled with crime filled sprees to ensure his obese mother has her requisite fags, booze and curry. But even a thug like David has aspirations and his foray into drug-dealing is seen as a step-up. But through a serious of increasingly violent events, David’s kingdom erodes, unravels and culminates in an explosive finale.

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Changes - Buckland Gap


Steven Harding has just been released from prison. During his long period of incarceration he has undergone an amazing transformation.

No longer is he an uneducated, drug fuelled, violent criminal. Now he has stopped the drinking and drug taking. He now has A ‘Levels and has been accepted into university.

Change is not always easy and for many the effort can prove to be too much. Steven Harding is determined to create a new life for himself and put behind him a life a violence, crime and prison. This is a story of hope and inspiration that shows how with enough determination and desire anyone can improve their chances in life if they are willing to work, sweat and fight for their dreams. This will not be easy however.

Society has now labelled him a violent thug just like his brother, David, who has recently committed suicide while also in prison. Also his family expects him to return to the normal family standards and continue his previous life style.

Changes is the follow up to Buckland Gap and is a very different story that can easily hold its own. The story is about Stevens first few weeks of struggle after his release from a very long prison term.

But Steven is determined to try another path. Can he succeed? Is he strong enough?

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Cappuccino Daydreams - Buckland Gap 3

Cappuccino Daydreams

Steven Harding has just graduated from university with a first class honours degree. He is now ready to begin a career in information technology, however, being an ex-criminal getting started is never easy. No longer is he an uneducated, drug-fuelled, violent criminal. Now he has stopped the drinking and drug taking and a new life awaits. Is he ready for the challenges ahead and is the world of IT ready for him?

Enjoy the third and final part of the Buckland Gap trilogy and witness how Steven copes with the demands and stresses of his new life.

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Stolen Pasts

Stolen Pasts

Two men, one a father the other his son. The father has spent time in prison for badly beating his mother and son.Since then he has become a homeless drug addict and an alcoholic. Now with just over one year to live he lives in a hostel and he can barely remember anything about his past.

The son has grown up hating his father and most of his mother’s boyfriends. Now a university graduate with his first career job and his own flat he decides it is time to confront his father and ask him why he treated him and his mother so badly.

When they meet the encounter does not go to plan and the outcome is not what either of them expected. How will they survive as their pasts are exposed and the truth is not always as clear as they once believed it was?

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The Eternity

Have you every asked yourself, where did this universe come from? Well this is one possible answer

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The Choice

Did you have the jabs or did you say no. Whatever your reason here is a possible answer

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The Agile Software Tester: Software testing in the agile world

Agile Software Testing for the modern world. Paperback and kindle versions available. While many organisations have adopted the agile framework fully with a carefully planned strategy and 100% company commitment which means they are now reaping the benefits gained there are still plenty of software companies out there who have, for one reason or another, not. These companies still ignore the agile framework methodology or they have simply placed a taskboard in the centre of the office and stated ‘there, we are agile’. While it is true that the agile methodology is not for everyone and not every software development project is suited to the framework it is, however, the way forward for the majority of companies who are involved in software development. As agile has grown in popularity and usage over the decades the amount of literature about the subject has also grown. However of the books currently available on the market focus on the project management or software development areas of the software development life cycle, there is still very little for the agile software tester to read. This is where this book comes into play, so get your copy now and enhance your mind.

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SpiceTheWorld Recipe Book


Welcome to SpiceTheWorld the book, edition 5. I hope you enjoy this book and my large selection of meat free recipes you will find here. Each recipe has been designed and tested by me and my family, it was a hard job but someone had to do it. You may look at some recipes and think you have seen them before, well if you have been to SpiceTheWorld.com then yes very possibly. Also, you may have seen similar recipes elsewhere, after all how many variations of madras can there be. However, the recipes in this book are the property of SpiceTheWorld and each is a genuine creation which has been crafted from over thirty years experience of cooking spicy food. So enjoy the recipes and SpiceTheWorld.

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