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Streets of Fire

Get your copy now folks, the first exciting crime novel from KC Martin

A city in turmoil erupts with anger and violence as a child abductor and killer remains at large and apparently able to strike whenever they desire. The streets of fire descend into fear and riots while the killers remain at large, and the population vent their frustration in a world blighted by a global pandemic. The Police struggle to find those guilty due to the lack of evidence at each crime scene.
Two sad souls linked together by a common purpose stalk the dark alleys of the city estates looking for their next victim. One, an evil, sadistic killer who enjoyed molesting young girls. The other drawn in by his own personal motives can plan each abduction to the minutest detail. Can they be caught?
One detective believes she can catch them. DS Georgie Jones has an impressive record for detection, and she is certain she will bring the killers to justice soon. However, can Georgie do it before the city is destroyed by fire, fear and anger as violence erupts and anarchy is threatened?
Streets of Fire is not a novel for the easily upset or the easily offended. Read the story if you dare. It will shock you and it will anger you but remember murder has always been a shocking crime.

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